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Monday, April 13, 2009

Cute ^^

HEART:::::: ^^

I always like cute & pretty stuffs :)
Such like these awards from darling Yun.. :)
Thanks ya..I appreciate it..^^

Pinkish "Friendship award"..sweet colors..

see..the lovely dress..I really love that kind of garment.."princess" *wink*

I'll pass both awards to my dear sweet friends
~ Clarice
~ Mell
~ Fiona
~ M-N
~ Myla
~ Putri
*if you have been given these awards already..just receive it again from me *^^

good to hear that my dear bf settled his Industrial Training application already..=)



Carmelliny said...

thanx for the award..

SLY said...

ty ty. ;p

u call ur bf dear ah...
if i hv bf, i'l call him lousy muahahaha...

~miszirdawaty~ said...

thanks darl..
ive gOt it frOm yun oso...
bt nvm, ill take frm u tOo...

joegrimjow said...

tumpg gumbire

Bella Belle said...

I call him darling..hahha... ;)

you're welcome...Carmel, SLY, Putri.. ^^

thanks Joe..

Claire Cassandra T said...

hehehe...apa suda awards...thanks!!

StefyAnie said...

thanks darl bella for the award :D~~~~ GBU... tc!!