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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Shoot for the moon ^^

Minor changes from FB & A lil' bit of update & addition though ^^ Let's get started!

MY DREAM: I want to travel around the world, to see the other side of the continents, savor the beautiful, multilicious of the world's cultures, places, people, etc... ESP Europe :)*well, I have other dreams that I want to achieve but I'm too shy to talk about it right now.. Next time maybe?*

Getting a job with admirable payment...(after my Graduation) or maybe Continue study..Double Degree? Master? PhD? or work first.. ;)

Just finish my Undergrad. studies. I want to do Post Grad. studies because I still want to learn..I mean doing loads of research works & give my full commitment to it. I actually wanted to go oversea to do my Master but I guess it's only a dream. Then, I'll just focus to get a place in one of Local University.. Wish me LUCK! xx

-->To make my family happy and to have *a Happy Family*

Big dreams I have but beyond my reach.
One thing about my personality is never put TOO MUCH HOPE for everything! Never aim for something beyond your abilities!
*define the word ability?? what about hidden ability or talent?
* topic swinging*...
But with all these, it doesn't mean that I am a low self-esteem kind of girl (Young Adult). I think I've talked about the word hope & me before where I didn't put too much hope alone but keeping even the slightest hope I might .

Alright, My point is...
Why shouldn't we keep on dreaming? & Aim for the best/ highest?
I just come to love this nice & intriguing quotation...

'Shoot for the moon.
Even if you missed, you'll land among the stars'

- Henry Ford -
*I saw this quotation from one of my dear friend :)*

It's definitely
important for us to aim as high as we can &
it's alright too when we did not get what we desired (things we actually deserved) because something good might come along, eventually :) Best of luck to you :)


I've been slacking off for a month now. Gee....life after Uni is great & relaxing indeed but I just prefer to do something useful, profitable & knowledgeable! But when I started my studies or job later, I will miss my days without stress, due dates, responsibilities, etc & one thing for sure, gonna miss my long-sleeping hours. = p

Anyways, about Post Grad.(Master Degree) application, any news anyone? Am I too late.?..but the last time I check, it's not available yet. I want to enroll in Nov or December intake. I have no idea when & where but I should be more aware about it. Need to prepare loads of important documents soon.

Bella1213 ^^