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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Little things about me~

Here something about me~ kinda straight forward^^
I'm more than your girl-next-door.. but definitely not a superstar… writing is a hobby but not a must. I’ll write when I feel one. I write about myself and specifically I write what’s on my mind in a particular moment. I don’t like rude people who take advantage of others and I rather not to get too involved with them. I have a lot of friends yet I “defined a close friend” as someone u can trust and someone u are connected with. Not necessary everyday phone calls or meet the eyes but remember each other is above everything.

Anyway, i’m currently at my final year(3rd yr) in Bachelor Sc. of Biotechnology. Struggling to get above average result. I always consider myself as an average person in many aspects such as intelligence, looks, attitude & etc yet I learn to improve myself each day to achieve more. I believe that hard work is the key to success! means never gives up! I’m kind of open person which means I am not A conservative type of person but being a Malaysian limits it all. I hope for world w/o race discrimination and of course world peace...

-nah, that's it for now-
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