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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Shoot for the moon ^^

Minor changes from FB & A lil' bit of update & addition though ^^ Let's get started!

MY DREAM: I want to travel around the world, to see the other side of the continents, savor the beautiful, multilicious of the world's cultures, places, people, etc... ESP Europe :)*well, I have other dreams that I want to achieve but I'm too shy to talk about it right now.. Next time maybe?*

Getting a job with admirable payment...(after my Graduation) or maybe Continue study..Double Degree? Master? PhD? or work first.. ;)

Just finish my Undergrad. studies. I want to do Post Grad. studies because I still want to learn..I mean doing loads of research works & give my full commitment to it. I actually wanted to go oversea to do my Master but I guess it's only a dream. Then, I'll just focus to get a place in one of Local University.. Wish me LUCK! xx

-->To make my family happy and to have *a Happy Family*

Big dreams I have but beyond my reach.
One thing about my personality is never put TOO MUCH HOPE for everything! Never aim for something beyond your abilities!
*define the word ability?? what about hidden ability or talent?
* topic swinging*...
But with all these, it doesn't mean that I am a low self-esteem kind of girl (Young Adult). I think I've talked about the word hope & me before where I didn't put too much hope alone but keeping even the slightest hope I might .

Alright, My point is...
Why shouldn't we keep on dreaming? & Aim for the best/ highest?
I just come to love this nice & intriguing quotation...

'Shoot for the moon.
Even if you missed, you'll land among the stars'

- Henry Ford -
*I saw this quotation from one of my dear friend :)*

It's definitely
important for us to aim as high as we can &
it's alright too when we did not get what we desired (things we actually deserved) because something good might come along, eventually :) Best of luck to you :)


I've been slacking off for a month now. Gee....life after Uni is great & relaxing indeed but I just prefer to do something useful, profitable & knowledgeable! But when I started my studies or job later, I will miss my days without stress, due dates, responsibilities, etc & one thing for sure, gonna miss my long-sleeping hours. = p

Anyways, about Post Grad.(Master Degree) application, any news anyone? Am I too late.?..but the last time I check, it's not available yet. I want to enroll in Nov or December intake. I have no idea when & where but I should be more aware about it. Need to prepare loads of important documents soon.

Bella1213 ^^


Anonymous said...

i love this post Bella...whatever u are doin..hope u success always...God Bless....(^_^)

Bella Belle said...

TQVM Connie dear ^^
you too okay..Best wishes for ya.. *hugs*

Mell_f said...

Bella,why dont u see ur former fyp supervisor to ask whether dia mau further the research to master level? Im doing my master juga now,but sy register utk 2nd intake on jan 2010.

Bella Belle said...

hi Mell.. :) Glad to hear from you again. Well, I met my FYP Supervisor already early August (after my practical). He said if I'm serious about further study then he might think of something.

I mean I'll be doing the same topic as my FPY - Orchid Micropropagation (Plant Tissue Culture) & probably just focusing on different species (Kacip Fatimah/Gingseng/rare Orchid sp./or ??)becasue my FYP Orchid sp. kinda common bah..

My Supervisor asked me to think thoroughly about this (he wants to make sure that I won't drop out half way of my Master Degree when other great opportunities come along later) and he said I just submit my Post Grad. application 1st as soon as it is available (I have no idea when). Seems like no guarantee bah.. but maybe I should meet him again to confirm?? Or keep browsing in UPM, UKM, UTM etc website for updates... So far, UMS Post Grad. Centre web didn't mention anything about the Nov/ Dec intake...

Gee..takut bah if termiss... coz I really want to study again. I guess I'm not ready to work yet. Don't get me wrong, I'm okay with working..but I want MSc. :)

Bella Belle said...
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Bella Belle said...

Wah Mell..so you currently doing your Master la kan..but officially on it next Jan??? How's that? Why January? teda intake this Nov or Dec? I did asked my seniors too..they too told me to meet my Supervisor & discuss which I did.

But I saw them all started their Master end of Nov bah last year..so I thought that the MSc. application must be somewhere October...(just my assumption though & I don't know the real one)

Ada juga offer jadi RA bah & continue Master with one of my Biotech lect. (my friend told me) but sa tia minat tu tajuk pasal Protein. I prefer Plant Tissue Culture or Microbiology or maybe Genetic Engineering is ok oso.

BTW, what's your MSc. research about? curious.. :)


Melody said...

bella, research program is open whole year long but it takes 3 month to process, means if u send now, prob in 3 months then u get to enrolled.so just enroll and hopefully in time to get a place in any Uni, as of taught course, the registration is way before the course start like feb closing date for july intake.anything about utm, just ask me.hehe

Bella Belle said...

Melody, Is it? so, I just send out my application then..gosh..all this time, I was waiting for nothing..(I thought there is 1st intake & 2nd intake like that) Bah..I'll apply soon.

BTW, my coursemate from JB applied for mix-mode course in UTM, and she told me the closing date was just recently. I'm interested in doing research program in UTM rather than mix-mode program but when I browsed for it in UTM page, seems like I still have no idea how to apply for it. but I'll check back again soon.

3 months to process erm Right, I go & check all the available research courses in UPM, UKM, UTM, UMS etc first. Thanks a lot Melody! Good Luck in your PhD Program.. =)

Melody said...

i just remembered one thing, i did tried to apply other Uni before, USM,UTM,UM research course is opened through out the year, UKM n UPM is opened twice a year,baru ingat ba, sorry2.but you can send in anytime as they will process it in 3 months for all the Uni.then, once you get a place, remember to apply for hostel,btw, all the Uni require a research proposal, so its best, you look for a lecturer first to be your supervisor, can check the staff's email, ask them if they willing to take u and ask for suggestion on topics or you suggest a topic, its best you email the dean of the faculty, as they know who to appoint as your supervisor.

Bella Belle said...

Thanks Melody. :) My UMS friend just told me to meet lecturer & prepare Research Proposal too. I was like OMG.. Research Proposal??????

I was thinking, how to contact/find lecturer from Peninsular to supervise me if I'm here in Sabah. Seriously, I can just email them to ask..UMS Post-Grad center is also opened twice a year (every Sem).
So I probably going to enroll in this coming Sem la dis.

I have to send my Research Proposal & MSc. application Form before Nov (jz got dis info jz now). I guess, I need a Supervisor right now & discuss with him/her about Research Proposal. I'm going to meet my Undergrad. Supervisor again next week to discuss/confirm about this.

Thanks Melody, really appreciate it =)

Mell_f said...

Alala Bella,baru now i check ur blog bah.

Yup,i've started my MSc unofficially hehe. My prof suggested that coz by the time i'm registering,i've already got some progress on my MSc research. Right now i'm working as RA,and tajuk RA sama my MSc tu mmg ada kaitan. So killing 2 birds with a stone la.

Yea,research proposal is needed. It's changeable but it depends on ur supervisor juga lah coz smtime the supervisor tend to change the scope of research bah.

Oh btw,my MSc has smthing to do with seaweed. :D

Bella Belle said...

hai hai..it's ok heheh..wah..That sounds just perfect. :) doing your MSc research while working as RA. Best wishes.. :) I have yet to confirm with my lecturer. Will email him this week & make appointment with him.

Hopefully, there is work for me as RA too..while waiting for official reg. :)

Seaweed :D I know sum1 who is very good in seaweed. :) She's one of ums lecturer in SSMP.
Best wishes, Mel :D *hugs*