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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Will you tell everything or keep it???

As I browse a few blogs randomly last few minutes, one of them holds me. It's not because of it's outer layout or beautiful words but it's simply because of the owner true self and true words (plus her good English for sure).

It's about "her" real life.
Real life, all open & exposed.
Everything is written down from A-Z...
Herself, her bf, her problems, her pains, her attitudes, her friends and enemies & more. It's not about general things like going to school, lunch, rest, works, hobbies or events & etc.
It's a real matter...R-E-A-L one
Interesting but vulnerable, right?
Will you bluntly write all your personal matters on your blog?

Nope. Not me.
I can't.
Even it's my own blog.

It's not that I have problem with people who write "Everything".
In fact, I respect their courage & bluntness.

Well, it's really nice to know someone's life. For me, it's like observing a life. A Few things can be learned. When his/her life gone wrong, myself, as a reader can only wait for the story to continue. Sounds pathetic. A stranger wanting to help but cannot do anything and might as well be labeled as an intruder. So, it's best to remain silent and keep reading and observing. Stuff like this keeps me awake & bringing me to the new & different journey that I never been through in my life.

No. it's not rubbish or waste of time. It's all about learning and experiencing something precious even it's not the real thing.

Trying to be in someone's shoes is highly inappropriate. Dui..It's not like that bah..For me, it's like reading a novel..long stories, and real life. But I can't risk my life to be in a "novella"...
The real me wants to have the power to write everything without worries. But I guess..
A few things better left unspoken and I keep it for myself.
Some things might not be harmful to you now but who knows..
Some strangers might use it as a weapon to ruin your life one day. We never know what will happen in the future.

Not writing everything in such details but, yes, I appreciate honesty.

Simply Me::: Bella


dolphin_lady said...

wah.. i've thought about this before.. some ppl just state everything that happened in their life on their blog. it's like their personal diary. for me, it's ok if that person is that 'open'. but it might ruin their life in the future if there are ppl who were hurt by what have been said.

but it's nice to know what happens in their life kan.. mcm novel.. hehe..

Jessica_Lyne said...

well said Bella:)
I could never be thorough "open book" in my blog as well. I think there's a fine line between what u want the world d know and what u should keep to urself. But i always enjoy reading such blogs, blunt honesty is always appreciated:)

Bella Belle said...

Yup..I guess too risky to write everything bah.. :)
but some people are not aware of it or maybe they preferred it that way.

Nah, interesting and different kind of stories made my day :)